Are Hot Lottery Numbers Realistic? Understanding Hot Lottery Numbers

Do you want to play the hot lottery numbers in next drawing?

Although this question has been asked by lottery players for many years, it is not a new one. However, serious lottery players around the globe don’t need data sgp convincing. They know the importance of hot numbers in any viable lottery strategy. This is supported by the statistics.

This idea was once in doubt for me. My opposition to the hot lottery number strategy was due in large part to the poor defense provided by its proponents. They didn’t support the idea with hard facts.

I’m probably being too kind to myself. Truth be told, I was lazy. I didn’t look forward to the tedious programming required to solve the problem. I reluctantly decided to create a lottery software solution. I’m glad I did. You will also be happy after reading this article.

Skeptics were once advocates

If you’re skeptical like me, I can understand. Let me ask you a question. Would you mind if I showed you statistical proof that this hot lottery number strategy increases your chances of winning, or would you just take a moment to look at it?

It is a good idea. You will be surprised at the overwhelming evidence. This is true for all lottery types in America and Canada, from Mega Millions to Powerball. It is true worldwide, although I haven’t yet analyzed all the lotteries.

My new lottery software program allowed me to analyze every lottery and find data that could justify this lottery strategy. I needed statistical evidence to prove that the hot lottery strategy was feasible. The lottery software program revealed the truth. Want to find out what it discovered? These are just a few of the amazing facts that the software revealed.

Hot Lottery Number Facts

Hot numbers may hit up to 70% more often than others, depending on the size of the lottery.
These numbers are persistent. The majority of these numbers will be hot in a year, the year after that, and the next year.
All things will eventually come out. However, it will take millions of years of drawings before this happens.
Hot lottery numbers are more than a safe bet.